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PIANOLES IN ROTTERDAM is the music studio of the pianist Konstantinos Tsirangelos, dedicated to offer piano and music theory lessons to people of all musical levels and interests. In the following sections you can find information about your specific requests. Welcome!


The classes are conducted in English, Dutch and Greek.

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The lessons are private and take place at the PLR studio. The classes take place once a week or once per two weeks. The durations below, which a set of classes needs to be completed within, are doubled when the lessons are followed biweekly.
The lessons are offered as sets of 36, 18 and 9 classes or single appointments. The payment is carried out at the beginning of the course or as monthly installments. The prices below do not include taxes; for students over 21 years old, the added tax is 21%.

Piano / Theory

60 Minutes / 32 €

45 Minutes / 24 €

30 Minutes / 16 €

Set of 36 Lessons
Within a Year*

Piano / Theory

60 Minutes / 34 €

45 Minutes / 25.5 €

30 Minutes / 17 €

Set of 18 Lessons
Within 6 Months*

Piano / Theory

60 Minutes / 36 €

45 Minutes / 27 €

30 Minutes / 18 €

Set of 9 Lessons
Within 3 Months*

Piano / Theory

60 Minutes / 40 €

45 Minutes / 30 €

30 Minutes / 20 €

Single Lessons
Based on Availability


In learning to play the piano, the development of skills takes places in a systemic manner. That is, in order for one to become a pianist, learning to touch the right keys at the right moment alone is not sufficient. Learning to listen and to understand structures, becoming sensitive to the expression of emotions and ideas, grasping the theory behind the tools that we use to make music and writing or improvising music are complementary and equally important aspects which, in various extents, comprise the path and the everyday life of an amateur or professional musician.

Above all, music is one of the things which have an incredibly strong effect on humans, able to convey and induce emotions of the highest intensity and complexity, motivate our actions, give meaning to our lives and practically improve them. Hence, as music alone is powerful enough, the philosophy of the studio is that no one is forced or expected to do anything regarding their progress. It will naturally follow by doing the correct work. However, everyone is allowed and aided in order to understand what is the reality of making music and playing or mastering an instrument, and if this is a priority for them.

Craft of Practicing
The comprehension and organization of effective ways in order to master musical skills and instrumental playing.
Piano Technique
The ways to use our fingers, hands, arms and body in order to manipulate the piano keyboard so that it will produce a desirable sound while respecting our physical health and well being as well as the musical instrument. Piano technique is divided in two main categories, namely how the human body works and how the piano works.
Music Theory
The information about the connections and abstract structures of the system in which music is writen, performed and perceived in the western world since the ancient times, as well as certain facts about the nature of sound.
Ear Training & Listening
Training of our hearing in order to recognize, remember, construct and reproduce sounds and aural structures such as rythmical patterns, melodic intervals, scales, chords, progressions and functions. Also, the cultivation of taste in music and understanding how it is affected by actuall features of a musical piece.
Piano Repertoire
Learning to perform and maintain pieces from the vast collection of the classical piano compositions as well as from different genres, styles and periods.
Composition & Improvisation
Learning techniques that aid the development of composing music or improvising in real time.
Music History
Learning about the history of music and musicians through the ages, the lines of traditions, innovations and connections to the music of the present.


April 1989

Konstantinos Tsirangelos

Pianist, Piano and Music Theory Teacher

Current Activities

Performances, Recordings and Teaching
Chamber Music, Vocal-Piano Duo and Accompaniment
Composition, Improvisation and Music Theory

February 2019

Master in Classical Piano

FONTYS - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Tilburg
Thesis / A Study of the Characteristics of the
Piano Mechanism Function and its Contribution to
Piano Performance

June 2016

Bachelor in Classical Piano

CODARTS - Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Rotterdam

January 2015

Founded 'Pianoles in Rotterdam'

Started Teaching Piano and Music Theory in Rotterdam

June 2011

Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering

TEIWM - University of Applied Sciences, Kozani


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